Orthodontics; the dental speciality dealing with development of the teeth, jaws and face.

A comprehensive orthodontic treatment service is provided by Gareth Wallis, Guernsey’s only registered specialist in orthodontics.

You become a registered specialist by completing an approved 3 year masters programme in orthodontics. Only practitioners who have completed this programme and are registered by the General Dental Council may use the title Orthodontist or Orthodontic Specialist.

You may book an appointment to see Gareth directly; he also works with many of Guernsey’s dentists on a referral basis looking after their patients orthodontic needs.

After qualifying as a dentist and gaining 4 years of experience in dental hospitals and general practice Gareth undertook the prestigious 3 year full time Guys and Kings orthodontic postgraduate course in London. This rigorous and demanding course gave Gareth a very broad based grounding in the speciality and in particular the ability to judge the literature and new techniques with a critical eye. He gained a master’s degree in orthodontics and now has over 30 years’ experience as an orthodontist.  He uses a variety of treatment approaches and is the Channel Islands most experienced Invisalign provider. All proposed treatment options will always be aimed at being the most appropriate for that individual patient. One size does not fit all!

As a result of Gareth’s experience and training you will benefit from personalised, evidence based treatment to give you the best possible and most stable result. We live in an exciting information rich age and he encourages patients to discuss their treatment with him. Sadly a lot of inaccurate and biased information is also available, often promulgated for commercial gain. He promotes very healthy scepticism of some of the outlandish claims that may be found on Google!

At your consultation your concerns and aims in relation to the position and shape of your teeth and jaws will be discussed with you. A detailed examination will be carried out and we will discuss with you your treatment options. We will also go through the details of these treatments and give you a verbal estimate of the costs involved. All orthodontic treatment requires records in the form of models of your teeth, photographs and x-rays. Using all this information Gareth will make your treatment plan and write to you outlining your orthodontic situation and treatment plan. It will also include a definitive quote and your payment options. You can even book online.

Orthodontics Before & After
Before & After

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